Project Manager (PM) (PM01)

  • Shift - Singapore shift(6.30am - 3.30pm IST)
  • Location - Remote
  • Contract Duration - 3 years
  • The PM shall have at least TEN (10) years of working experience, including FIVE (5) years of project management experience in managing IT projects.
  • The PM shall be primarily responsible for directing and coordinating the provision of the Maintenance Services, including the implementation of the Software into the Solution and all other matters including contract administration, monitoring of progress, installation and testing of equipment, technical personnel training, logistic support, documentation preparation and operation.
  • The PM shall be deemed to be the Contractor's agent in all dealings with SDC and all actions of the PM shall be binding on the Contractor.
  • The PM shall serve as the single point of contact for SDC throughout the Maintenance Period.


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