ML Engineer (ML001)


Year of experience - 5 - 12 years

Location - Remote 

Role Description:

Our Data Science Team is looking for an exceptional experienced Senior Machine Learning Engineer to help lead the design and implementation of next generation systems to help end users discover, iterate, and execute their plans. Our team is focused on recommendation, personalization, explanation, and enhanced user interaction across multiple business verticals. As a Machine Learning Engineer working in this space, you will have the opportunity to apply your modeling and engineering skills to a number of different areas, with a particular focus on recommendations, generative AI, NLP, and system design.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Seek out new opportunities to apply data science and machine learning to the business (e.g., personalized recommendations, NLP, customer modeling) across all channels (e.g., Web, email, paid marketing)
  •  Work with other teams in solving problems and identifying opportunities Lead the design of machine learning models to solve a variety of core business problems in customer acquisition, retention, and reactivation
  • Automate ETL pipelines .Prototype, evaluate, deploy and maintain new models in production
  • Design AB tests and analyze their results .Discover new ways to analyze and interpret the data
  •  Communicate progress and interpretation of experimental results to technical and business stakeholders
  •  Lead the determination of next steps for each project.


Must have Skills:

• NLP • Machine learning • Statistics • Data structures & algorithms • Python • SQL • Bigdata (Snowflake/Spark)

Good to Have:

• LLMs such as Chatgpt, Llama & PaLM, etc.

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