Backend Engineer (BE-001)

Job Description
? This position requires a strong engineer to build out backend systems and API infrastructure for high-performance scalable systems
? Participate in all phases of the software development life cycle including the development of technical requirements, prototyping, coding, testing, deployment, and support
? Design and implement highly scalable backend services using NodeJS, TypeScript, and Prisma or any other ORM.
? Interpret requirements to develop APIs and integrations using agile methodology
? Proficiency in using Cloud services, preferably GCP, to deploy, scale and monitor
services in the production environment. Experience with serverless compute models
is a plus.
? Ensure that all code, configurations, and other work products are thoroughly
unit-tested prior to delivery
? Perform code reviews and other quality checks as requested
? Work with dynamic environment with diverse stakeholder, adequate reporting and
? Bachelor’s/Master's degree in Computer Science Engineering or a related field of study
? 5+ years of experience working within a similar role, designing, implementing, and optimizing scalable backend systems.
? Proficiency in recognizing potential bottlenecks and devising strategies to ensure system readiness for increasing user loads.
? Comfortable building infrastructure components from (almost) scratch
? Strong experience with GCP and serverless compute models including Cloud Run,
PubSub etc.
? Strong experience with at least one of NoSQL (Firestore, MongoDB etc), SQL
(MySQL/Postgres) databases and schema design.
? Experience with infrastructure management, deployment automation, and monitoring
? Aware of the API security risks and should be able to design and implement secure
software systems using modern authentication and authorization technologies and tools.
? Basic know-how of Front-End and integration experience with ReactJS TypeScript.
? Experience writing high quality design docs with architecture diagrams
? Has conducted team meetings
? Has done effort estimates of at least one project and has prior exposure to cost
estimation for the project and required infrastructure.


Our stack
? Backend: Typescript, NodeJS, Prisma, SocketIO/WebSockets,
? Frontend: JavaScript/Typescript, ReactJS React Native,
? Testing and Monitoring: Playwright, Cucumber, Postman, Jest
? Database: Firebase, PostgreSQL
? Infrastructure: Terraform, Github Actions, CloudBuild, CloudRun, Kubernetes, Serverless, CI/CD

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